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Brantford 9 Day Forecast (Forecast from the Kennedy Street Station) - Every 2 hours using Wxsim and the GFS forecasting model.

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We have updated the forecast display - Please read

Summary at the top - you can now see the forecast for each day. You will see high/low temperature, wind speed/direction, sun/cloud etc. for the total forecast period. If you put the mouse over this summary, you will see that the mouse cursor turns into a hand. You can hold your left mouse button down and drag to see rest of the days in the total forecasting period.


Main View - Scroll down and you will see the “Overview” of the weather for the reporting period. In the Overview you will see details of all of the forecast components precipitation, wind, etc.  If you press the “Table” link you will get the old hour by hour forecast for the day. If you click the “Graphs” link you will see a better version of the graphs that used to be at the top. there are links so that you can see the graph for the total reporting period.

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