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Photo Gallery of Local Weather Events

The purpose of this photo gallery is to post pictures of weather events in and around Brantford. If you have a picture of any weather event, please send it along with the date, time, location and a description of the event. We will post it in this photo gallery, along with your name as the photographer. Please send your contribution to gary@gwd.net.

Sunday June 8, 2008 - Photographer was John Hadley

These pictures were taken at a location between Brantford and Burford, about 3 km south of Highway 53. The funnel Cloud is evident. We are not sure whether this was one of the funnel clouds that touched down during that storm.


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Wednesday August 12, 2009 - Photographer was Tiffany

Driving home at 10 PM on wed there was a million plus sand fly's on the bridge in to town in Paris .It was like driving on ice and there was a small dress shop 10 feet past the bridge and you would think it had a foot of snow on it .

IMG_3344 IMG_3345

Thursday August 20, 2009 - Photographer was Jim Slote

Heavy rain and flooding at Dundas Street and Wells Avenue


Dundas Street South of Wells


Wells Avenue at Dundas Street


Wells Avenue at Dundas Street

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